Our fathers have always played huge roles in our lives. Without them, we probably won’t exist and wouldn’t be able to be who we are now. If it weren’t because of them, no one would probably be able to provide for our family needs. That’s why many of us dream of being able to pay them back by any means possible. But with the case of a daughter named Catherine, her father has been depending on her even at a young age.

A netizen wrote their story on Facebook and has immediately caught the attention of people and huge media networks. Catherine’s unconditional love for her father will definitely leave tears in your eyes.

This six-year-old girl has been helping his father who was diagnosed with emphysema. Unfortunately, their family couldn’t afford to take their father to the hospital to get a proper medical treatment. With this, their family has no choice but to make the best of everything they have.

This is when they thought of using a manual air pump as the man’s nebulizer. Catherine manually pumps the machine to relieve his father’s difficulty of breathing. Fortunately, this helps the father breathe normally despite his poor condition.

Their photo immediately gained online attention. People were definitely touched at how dedicated Catherine is when it comes to helping her father. Their story has also been recently featured in GMA’s “Front Row,” where they also seek help for their father.

Upon uploading, many people immediately made the effort to reach Catherine’s family and to provide them with financial help. But although there are few people who helped them, their family still needs more money to cure his father’s sickness.

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