In one of the videos taken, we can see how he flawlessly recites the said document’s preamble.

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Gerald Tamayo is a scholar from the University of Santo Tomas. Sadly, he is not fortunate enough to afford the materials for a school project. Because of this, Gerald wanders the streets and generates money his own way by asking strangers for spare change.

To the surprise of many people he has interacted with, the student has a special skill that he uses to receive change from them. According to those who met him, Gerald can recite the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

In one of the videos taken, we can see how he flawlessly recites the said document’s preamble. To add to that, he also memorized the numerous articles and sections from it. Examples of these are Article 3, Bill Of Rights section 1 and Article 2, Declaration of The Principles of State and Policies section 1.

Aside from memorizing and reciting important documents, Gerald also has impressive skills in Mathematics. In another video that he was in, we could see how quickly he solved mental math problems.

There is no doubt that Gerald is truly remarkable. Despite this, we still cannot let go of the fact that a young person with this quality of knowledge is roaming the streets for spare change. To be more in depth, let us not forget that he is doing this to get enough money to buy materials for a class project. What’s sadder is the thought that the quality of knowledge that he has is only being used for getting extra cash.

His videos instantly went viral on Facebook and got a lot of positive reactions from those who viewed it.

Education is something that a lot of privileged people take for granted. The lack of people having it is surely one of the country’s biggest problems right now. Hopefully, after watching the video, those who are privileged enough will start to value what they have more.

There are numerous people who dream of getting an education. We are hopeful that Gerald was able to get the money that he needed. On the other hand, let us all hope that he gets the education that he rightfully deserves.

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Source : Pilipinofeed