Jollibee customer leaves heartbreaking note after eating there for the last time

Almost every Filipino kid loves eating at Jollibee. Whenever their parents ask them where they want to eat, the famous restaurant always comes first in their minds. It’s also a place most families would go to every Sunday after mass.

Jollibee’s popular slogan, “Bida ang Saya!” has lived up to many family’s expectations and continues to make millions happy. Unsurprisingly, Jollibee has definitely became part of every Filipino’s childhood.

At Jollibee Signal Village located at Taguig City, a woman left a note written on the restaurant’s tissue paper. One concerned netizen and Jollibee crew revealed what the note contained. He narrated that while one of his co-workers cleaned the table the woman used, the note caught his attention.

Out of curiosity, they opened the tissue to read the rest of the content of the note. It read:

“Pinagbawalan na akong kumain ng unhealthy foods ng doctor ko. Na-diagnosed kasi ako ng (redacted) stage 2. Sana gumaling agad ako para di ko masyadong mamiss ang pagkain dito. Thank you Jollibee, Sa uulitin”.

Furthermore, the Jollibee crew who posted the photo on Facebook said that he recognizes the face of the woman who wrote the note. According to him, the woman was wearing glasses and looked like she was in her twenties. He wrote on Facebook:

“I recognize your face kasi ako po yung nag serve ng pagkain niyo, lahat po ng sakit gumagaling pray lang po tayo ng pray kay God kasi Siya yung great Healer of All“.

Consequently, the post reached thousands of likes and shares in just two hours after posting. Some netizens already commented on the post and gave their regards and love to the woman who wrote the note. Ultimately, Jollibee Signal Village also sent their love and asked for continuous prayers and support of the people.

Read the netizens reactions down below:

Source : Tnpmedia