The Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino recently went to Singapore to go through a series of medical tests. This was after observing a few concerning changes in her body. After the test results, Kris publicly revealed on social media that she has chronic spontaneous urticaria.

According to an interview of with dermatologist and owner of Galvez Clinics, Dr. Ellaine Galvez they were able to find out more about the illness. Chronic spontaneous urti caria is a type of autoimmune skin illness. Dr. Galvez said that it is called tagulabay in Tagalog.

Furthermore, Dr. Galvez said that the illness only gets chronic if the lesions last for more than six weeks. She defined lesions as hives or angioedema which is when your skin swells with a painful fiery feeling. Some of the symptoms include serious itching of swollen areas. In the interview, Dr. Galvez said:

May go away spontaneously but may recur again and again as long as the suspected allergen is present, like food or medications.

She also mentioned that it is important to avoid allergens such as particular food and medications since it involves the immune system. Adding to that, also took the liberty to research further on the illness. According to their article, chronic spontaneous urticaria can be found in 45% of autoimmunity patients.

Kris Aquino, on her personal Instagram account, wrote:

I am now, and for the rest of my existence will be, on high dosage antihistamines and having the EpiPen will always be crucial. Severe allergies are life-threatening because of anaphlactic shock.

Lastly, Dr. Galvez was able to share a major triggering factor of the illness. One that can be experienced by anyone, stress. According to her:

Stress is a major triggering factor. Also, occult infection that needs to be investigated, so we normally ask for laboratory tests.

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