In the streets of Manila, we often see little children selling rags and other things to have money. We usually see some kids riding public transportations just to ask for alms. Just proves that nowadays, the younger generation is doing what they can just to survive a day with their lives below the poverty line.

Recently, a Facebook user shared her experience with a young girl who wanted to pay the jeepney fare with rags. The one who posted the story said they were on the La Forteza Subdivision, North Caloocan city when the little girl rides the jeepney she was on.

The poor girl asked the jeepney driver how much the fare going to Libis, Camarin. The driver then replied that it is only PHP8 having its student discount. Clearly, the girl is a student for she was wearing a uniform at that moment. But instead of books and other school supplies what the girl has with her was a bunch of rags she seemed to be selling.

Though the fare the driver told her was already discounted minimum fare, the girl still asked if she could pay with rags instead. The jeepney driver then said yes. But one of the passengers volunteered to pay for the poor girl’s fare. Still, the driver insisted and said it’s okay for her to ride for free.

Moreover, the same passenger who volunteered to help her decided to buy one of her rags. The girl said it costs PHP10 each, so the passenger gave her PHP20. The girl then told the kind man that she doesn’t have any money for a change. Luckily, the passenger told her it was okay for her to keep the change.

Another female passenger bought some rags from the girl. She also gave PHP20 and told her the money was all hers. An old lady sitting beside her then asked her what school she was studying and she answered she goes to Tala High School. Above all, the Facebook user explained that she posted the story to remind everyone how other people still continue to live and fulfill their education despite the hindrance life throws at them.

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Source: Tnpmedia.