Good – natured OFW returns wallet with almost P104,000!

For many people out there, character and values are thrown out of the window once they are faced with the temptations of money.

However, there are still those kind–hearted people who know the importance of hard–earned money – especially to those who had worked for it; one of these people is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia.

The OFW was on a bus en route from Al Batha to Olaya when he found a wallet with almost 8,000 Riyal (or 104,000 in Pesos) when he sat at the near end of the bus. Fortunately, there was a Residence ID in the wallet so he was able to know the name and face of the owner.

While the OFW was thinking of ways to find the owner, one man entered the bus and looked as if he was trying to find something. Luckily, the OFW recognized the man from the Residence ID and said, “Mudir! Buk enta (Sir! Your wallet).”

The honest OFW said that the owner of the wallet was almost in tears as he hugged him and kissed him in the forehead to show his immense gratitude. In a social media post that garnered almost 109k reactions, the OFW conveyed his happiness with what he experienced.

According to the OFW, he will never forget the thankful eyes of the owner as he got his wallet back. He said that there was also a time when he was faced with financial problems and he explained how good it is to feel when you solve problems on your own.

Before he alighted, he narrated how much he was touched when he saw the smiling faces of the other passengers who witnessed what happened. He also said that the driver even said to him, “Kulo Filipino mara kwayes (Filipinos is a group of good people)”.

It really is amazing how these kind of incidents bring back everyone’s trust in humanity!

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Source : Pilipinonews