Today, every one of us experiences the worsening effect of heavy traffic. The unending roadworks and undisciplined drivers are usually the cause of this dilemma. As a solution, we usually find alternate routes or adjust our schedules in order to meet our call time at work or at school. That’s why when there’s an unexpected traffic along our way, we can’t do anything but to frown and accept our fate. However, the reason behind a recent roadblock will surely make others kilig as a man proposed to her girlfriend in the middle of a busy intersection.

The man was identified is Mikki. He decided to do his surprising act in an intersection in Calamba, Laguna. John Khyan Villanueva, Mikki’s nephew recorded and uploaded the video on Facebook.

In the video, Mikki was with his girlfriend, Cheann, while traffic enforcers seemed to be interrogating the couple. A lot of cars were also seen in the background of the video as they were also curious about what was causing the heavy traffic.

A few seconds later, several motorcycles surrounded the couple which shocked the confused the woman. Mikki then bends down on his knees as he asked the most awaited question. With tears in her eyes, Cheann happily accepted her boyfriend’s extraordinary proposal. Many people were smiling as they clapped their hands to cheer the couple.

It was soon revealed that Mikki had perfectly planned everything. He even got the Mayor’s permit to use the intersection for a few minutes. Luckily, the enforcers also gave their ideas for the proposal.

Even though we get stressed about the worsening traffic of our country, this kind of acts lightens up our moods even for just a few minutes. There’s no doubt that Mikki also has heightened up the standards of proposals here in the country.

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Source: manilaflash.