Marriage proposals are always surprising. You will never know when your partner gets to decide on marrying you. Although you have been with your partner for the longest time, you will never know when will he be ready to pop up the question and ask, “Will you marry me?”. Marriage proposals are always full of love yet very surprising.

The trend today becomes a question of who will have the sweetest and yet most surprising way to pop up the question. If you are going to browse the internet for the most surprising and creative way to propose marriage to your love ones, it will show you thousands of videos and ideas which will help you conceptualize your own.

While there are people who choose to have intimate moments with their partners and have a one-on-one date and then aske the question right there and then, there are people who want their proposal to be grand, full of love and sometimes full of color. As mentioned, the trend is that you pop up the question in the most creative way you could and the internet will love you.

And indeed the man on this video was loved by the internet with the way he decided to ask the question. Very Pinoy and very sweet and very intimate. The video was uploaded by one social media user and it showed how the proposal went very well.

The soon-to-be groom and their friends lured the soon-to-be bride to play the very famous Pinoy Henyo. Pinoy Henyo works like a guessing game. The person with the cardboard should guess the word written on it and she would be allowed to ask several questions confirming the identity of the item written. Her partner on the other hand would only be allowed to say Yes and No as affirmation or rejection of the guests of the first player.

The proposal went on smoothly as the lady focused on the game and failed to have any suspicion regarding what is happening around her, while she is busy guessing, their friends are preparing the flowers and the cake. When the time ran out, she was able to read what was written on the board.

The words are, “Will you marry me?” and her partner went on to kneel in front of her to get her yes. She was startled at first and shocked with what just happened. It took some seconds before she answered Yes as she tried to get a hold of everything.

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Source: Manilaflash