There’s no doubt that a single cup of coffee can definitely brighten up anyone’s day. Whether it be hot or cold, this brewed drink has always been our savior on a stressful day. Today, even businesses have gone crazy for this relaxing drink and have decided to come up with their own experiments. Even though some of us might prefer the trendy flavors of coffee today, a local Filipino decided to keep his drink as usual and traditional as possible. But although his ingredients were simple, he made a very unusual process to mix it up.

A Facebook user named Saksak Sinagol katawa Bisakol, uploaded a man’s unique way of mixing his coffee while he was inside the Philippine Airlines. His video has already garnered thousands of views and shares online.

In the uploaded clip, the man prepared to make his coffee which he will pair with a sweet bun. He then opened a sachet of coffee, sugar, and creamer which was given to him by the airport staff. A few seconds later, he then poured all of it into his mouth which truly shocked netizens. He immediately followed it by drinking a cup filled with hot water and had mixed everything with a small spoon.

The man obviously wanted to entertain his friend who was taking the video. Both of them were clearly holding their laughs for the man’s hilarious act.

Like them, netizens also expressed their sentiments on the video. Some of them stressed how he was able to make them laugh through his simple act. While some even tagged their friends to recreate the hilarious stunt.

Watch video:

Source: Tnpmedia.