For many people like us who have enough food on our table and clothes on our back, we would not be able to think twice about the privilege we have. We get up every morning, check our phones for news or scroll the feed of our social media accounts, drink our coffee and eat a hearty breakfast, and get on with our daily routines.

We commute to work or drive our own vehicles, complain about the horrible traffic that we have to endure every single day, and finally arrive to our destinations. Throughout the day, we will only be thinking of how unsatisfied we are with our jobs, how hard it is to earn for a living, and how much we would like it to be different someday.

All are valid complaints, but have we ever stopped to think about how extremely lucky we are to be able to live a life of comfort? It’s true that we could do much better, but take a look around you, and I’m sure you will see what is really happening here.

A heartwarming and emotional Facebook post has been making its rounds in the Filipino online community. Many hearts are touched, and many have started thinking about how much more they could do with their lives. The person who posted this personal encounter gained many thumbs up and approval for the kindness he showed.

In the post, he narrated his usual going-home routine, crossing the street with his headphones in his ears, not minding what’s happening around him. Suddenly, a stranger poked him and began to ask for help,

“Kuya baka may Php10 ka dagdag lang sana para pambili ng gatas ng anak ko!” With these words, the man immediately felt pity and sadness for this stranger’s situation. The stranger who approached him continued to speak,

“Hindi po ako masamang tao, Sir! Di ko po kayang gumawa ng masama lalong ayaw kong makulong kawawa pamilya ko.

“Sir, di alam ng asawa ko ngayong araw namamalimos lang ako ngayon makapagdala lang gatas at pagkain ng baby namin, kaya lang naman naming magtiis dalawa sa asin at suka. Kawawa lang talaga mga bata.” On his palm is a meager 150 pesos that he has to fit for the entire needs of his family.

Heartbroken and touched, the man told the stranger that they would go inside the supermarket to buy food for their family. “Wag ka magalala pinagtagpo tayo ng Dios ngayong araw, magkapatid tayo, ako bahala sayo! Di gaanong marami pera ko pero lika.”

Kuya Jerick could not stop thanking this man for his kindness, for the brotherly love and concerned he showed him, “Darating din ang panahon Sir, magkikita tayo ulit, ako naman manglilibre sa inyo!”

Truly, stories like these never fail to inspire us to take a look at our lives, examine it, and maybe contemplate on using what we have to help those who are in need.

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Source: Tnpmedia