Following rules and regulations on the road is a must for every motorist so that accidents could be prevented and lives will be saved. These rules would ensure that roads are safe for all motorists out there.

One of the most important rules for a motorist, particularly those who travel in motorcycles, is wearing a helmet. This protective head gear protects the head of motorists from any injuries if ever accidents occur. Traffic enforces are really strict when it comes to wearing helmets as they are not afraid to have arguments with someone who doesn’t want to wear helmets on the road.

But always remember that wearing helmet is not enough but motorists should make sure that they are actually wearing it right.

What does that mean? Isn’t it that there is only one way of wearing helmets? Apparently, this motorist in Brazil thought of other ways in wearing a helmet.

In a viral video posted by Jayson Basada Ramelo, a man who was riding a motorcycle at the backseat was wearing his helmet in reverse.

The man, who was unidentified, thought everything was going well until the man who was taking the video called the attention of the motorist wearing a reversed helmet. The man taking the video then told the other man that he was wearing his helmet in a wrong and funny way.

Upon realizing that he was not wearing it properly, the man removed his helmet and put it in the right way. He was also seen laughing as he realized that he was wearing it on reverse. It could have been possible that he was laughing after he realized that maybe there are some people who are looking strangely at him for wearing his helmet in a wrong way.

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Source: Manilaflash.