Social Media celebrity loses sponsors due to comments about domestic workers

Kuwaiti social media celebrity Sondos Al-Qattan is on the radar as she lashed out
controversial comments on her video. This led to some of her sponsors dropping their
relations with her. Al-Qattan apparently made a ‘rant’ about domestic workers and it
did not end well for the social media star. After the incident, a few of her sponsors
stopped supporting he

Chelsea Beautique was one of the brands that cut ties with Sondos. They were called
out by a netizen on July, 21. After being seeing the said netizen’s tweet, its social
media account replied instantly. The brand thanked the account for expressing to
them their concerns. After which, the established beauty company nally

The comments that made the headlines internationally were about the new law that
allowed Filipino domestic workers to keep their passports and have days off as well.

In the video that she made, she referred to them as ‘servants’. She disagreed about
the idea of servants having hold of their passports and having days off because she
worries about losing money if ever they ran away

In the end, she claimed that she did not want to have a Filipino maid anymore. She
emphasized as well how she disagrees with the new law.

Despite being on the receiving end of things, the social media star still chose not to
apologize for her actions.

What happened just shows how responsible social media inuencers
need to be when

it comes to the content that they release. These incidents already happened in the
past but let’s just hope that less of it, or at best, none of it happen again. We now live
in the world where these types of comments are no longer acceptable. Hopefully,
other social media inuencers
learn from this incident.

Source : Tnpmedia