Pinay domestic helper in Kuwait got a birthday surprise from her employers

Almost all the news we hear about a domestic helper in a different country are bad. There are many reports that most of them are being mistreated by their foreign employers, most especially in Middle Eastern countries. One example is Kuwait, where serious cases of maltreatment of domestic helpers are documented.

However, these kind of things don’t happen all the time. In fact, some foreign employers treat their domestic helper employee as a part of their family. One good example of this was the viral video posted by a domestic helper on her own Facebook account.

The domestic helper’s name is Jorlene Jhore. She works in Kuwait but doesn’t experience a bad treatment from her employers. As a matter of fact, in the video she posted, her employers are shown appreciating her and treating her nicely.

In the video, it shows how Jorlene’s female employer was holding a cake with candles on it. She was with her kids who were holding gifts in a paper bag while their father was the one taking the video. They all knocked on the door of the room where Jorlene is and they all surprised her for her birthday.

Jorlene’s employers even sang her a birthday song. When the song ended, Jorlene then blew the candles and was handed with the gifts. Her female employer even gave her a kiss on the cheek. Jorlene can be seen really surprised and happy with what her employers did for her.

Domestic helpers like Jorlene do household chores in a different home for another family. Sometimes they even get to be the one to take care of the children or an elderly member of the family. Being a domestic helper is also one of the jobs that have a lot of employees all over the world.

Jorlene is an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who is miles away from her real family but she is one of the people we should be proud of for working hard despite the homesickness they experience in every day they are not with their loved ones.

May Jorlene’s experience serve as an eye-opener to most Pinoys that not all foreign employers are cruel towards their employees.

Watch video here :

Source : Tnpmedia