OFW’s post on stolen baggage went viral

Million Filipinos have sacrificed a lot to give their families better lives. We hear stories about Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) who faced unsafe working conditions during their time abroad. Due to their financial needs, these people had no choice but to work away from home and were unable to see their families even on holidays. Indeed many Filipinos believe that we can find better job opportunities outside the country.

Today, news and stories have circulated throughout the media, narrating the stories of these OFWs.

Sadly, one Facebook post went viral after it was posted by Josephine Jumawan Jumilla. On her post, she disappointedly wrote the dreadful situation of one OFW named, Rosielyn Minted Moires. The post narrates how someone stole the poor woman’s baggage at the Ninoy Aquino’s International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1’s baggage conveyor area.

The said baggage contained some of Moires’ important documents and souvenirs for her loved ones. The have reported what happened to NAIA’s management but sadly, the management told Moires to wait for 21 days. It was said that she will receive four thousand pesos as their payment to the poor woman’s lost baggage.

Netizens also gave their insights and comments towards the post. Some even said that they have experienced the same event, they were hoped that Mories’ baggage can still be recovered by the authorities.

Moires then plead on the video posted by Jumilla, she have called for help in telling who’s responsible of stealing her baggage. She asked if it is still possible for her to retrieve her belongings before going back home to her family.

Controversies like this aren’t new for NAIA, recently an issue regarding the airport’s “Tanim Bala” cases went viral also. Reportedly, a few unfortunate passengers of the airport also became victims of this case. Innocent people were jailed and accused for something that they didn’t really do.

While last month, The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) gave staments saying that the “Tanim Bala” issue is already a thing of the past.

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Source : Showbizread