Through Facebook, many problems and concerns brought by the public have been successfully resolved. Many people have used this platform as a tool so that their voice can be heard. Throughout the years, there have been millions of successful cases all thanks to Facebook. Recently, a netizen from General Santos City raised her concern using her account.

Facebook user, Yenoh Mehi Qoh, wrote about her sister’s devastating state on her social media which immediately gained the attention of netizens. Today, many people are now asking for the authorities to get to her case and rescue the poor lady.

Her older sister, Jean Bendal, recently flew abroad to provide a better life for their family. It was only three months ago when she went to the Middle East to work as a helper. Unfortunately, her employers didn’t treat her well. During those three months, Jean only received her salary once and slept outside the house. Her boss also doesn’t give her proper food and has even taken away her passport.

Upon learning this, her family immediately called the attention of her agency to help rescue her. Sadly, they only advised her to flee from her employer’s hands.

Until today, Jean is still leaving outside her boss’ house. Now that the cold weather is slowly approaching, her loved ones are totally concerned about her. Their family is now asking for the government’s help to save her sister from her devastating situation.

Like them, netizens have also prayed for her safety. They also called out the attention of the current situation to help Jean’s family. Some of them even gave their advice on how they managed to get away from the same exact state.

Source: Tnpmedia