Social media has grown tremendously over the past years. It has grown so much faster and captured millions of users today. And as the way of technology become better, it is so obvious that a lot of its users are going to grasp its benefits. Everyone on social media today is utilizing its limitless power to benefit themselves.

If you’re having a hard time believing how powerful the social media is, you might want to take out this controversial Facebook post as an example.

Based on the narrative taken from the public Facebook group, a male foreigner revealed how a Filipina scammed him. Whether it was true or not, the aforementioned Facebook post reminds that we shouldn’t easily trust a stranger on social media.

As seen on the screenshots, the Filipina initiated the conversation first. She simply asked the male foreigner about how his day went. The man then responded and asked the same question. This particular moment is where the drama began!

The Filipina said that she wasn’t feeling well during that time. She revealed that she needed money because her father was in the hospital.

At first, the male foreigner was suspicious about it. However, the Filipina immediately proved it and sent a picture of her father’s hospital bill. Surprisingly, the man was so convinced and granted the woman’s wish.

But in the end, the Filipina blocked the guy on Facebook Messenger after receiving the money from him.

Many netizens, on the other hand, reacted to the controversial Facebook post. Many of them believed that the narrative was fake. Some blamed the guy for being too gullible while the others vehemently expressed their fury against the Filipina.

What’s your take on this Facebook post?

Source: Tnpmedia