Poor binatog vendor gets hit by a tricycle spilling everything on the ground.

We all know that earning a living is no easy task. This becomes worse for people from the lower income levels. The phrase “isang kahig, isang tuka” becomes all too familiar to them as they have to work with double the effort to make sure there’s food on their tables. This can be said to the binatog vendor recently getting viral attention.

A netizen took to Facebook his frustrations after witnessing a series of unfortunate events happening to the poor vendor. Apparently, the old man was just about to leave with his fresh binatog to start his shift when a tricycle hit him that caused his product to spill all over the ground.

To make matters worse, the tricycle driver didn’t even bother to stop to check the poor man’s welfare. According to the viral post, he fled the scene and left the old man to clean up the mess he caused.

Furthermore, comments on the post reported that amid the scuffle, someone from the onlookers took the poor vendor’s cellphone. They also identified him as Alfredo Viernes from Sta. Cruz, Manila.

Naturally, Facebook users quickly showed sympathy to the poor man’s luck through the comments section. Others even tagged popular news magazine show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” in the hopes of helping out the binatog vendor.

Source: Pilipinofeed.com