Have you ever thought what’s your definition of beauty? In case anyone is interested in my opinion (you better be!); It’s not about the looks, how many feet tall you are, the dress, the jewelry. Neither about the amount of pigment biology has decided you to have, the shape of your face, nor the style of your hair. It’s your inside look. Or, as I’d say, it’s not physics, it’s chemistry! True beauty is that layer of confidence on your face when showing who you really are. If anyone thinks the opposite, well don’t pay much attention to it! Don’t be ‘beautiful’ as THEY define it! Be ‘beautiful’ as YOU define it! Be intelligent, be witty, be klutzy, be adventurous, be funny, be YOU, with or without makeup! In brief, the important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin, or in a kick-ass red lipstick. You choose!

Goar Avetisyan is a Russian makeup artist who has amassed 4.8 million Instagram followers. With her incredible makeup transformations, she lobbies in empowering women. Many of her clients have been through household violence, while some have been living with cancer, burn scars, and skin conditions all their life.

Down below we have the fascinating story of one of Goar’s clients, Inna.

She is 30 years old, and it was her who sent Goar a photo requesting to make her dream come true.

Goar organized Inna’s arrival to Moscow from Novorossiysk and back. Furthermore, she chose a beautiful dress especially for her.

Inna is not considered ‘needing camouflage’ for her face, Either way, every human being is a work of art and marks only make us more unique.

“When Inna sent me her photo and a request to realize her dream and make her happier for at least one day, I immediately began to think what I could change with make-up…,” said Goar.

“I did not expect so many people to respond to Inna’s story and wanting to help her. I have not enough words to tell what I feel now and how much I’m grateful to you.” Goar added, “I was contacted by many TV channels and famous shows many people want to help … but I promise you that I will personally check and handle everything…I will find the best surgeon…I will organize the money collection…and I will help Inna get out of the home confinement, that lasted 30 years…give me a little time, please.”

Inna’s after-emotion was beyond happiness. And so it was ours.

The result is nothing short of stunning! Eventually, one can’t help but feel a wave of emotion seeing the smile on Inna’s face.

Play the video to see the whole make-up transformation from this incredibly talented make-up artist:

Source : Metdaan