Many children find haircuts absolutely intolerable. Perhaps it’s because of those big, shiny scissors coming so close to their heads or simply because the whole process is scary for a child. Well, we don’t really know why it happens but parents take on the job of keeping their kids safe and comforted. In case you’re planning to take your little ones to a barbershop this week, you better learn this clever method from celebrity dad Drew Arellano.

Recently, the “Biyahe ni Drew” host brought his son Primo to a barber shop. Obviously, the one-year-old tot will be getting a haircut. However, unlike other children who would end up crying and sliding in their chair, Baby Primo managed to calm down. The secret? Daddy Drew Arellano let him watch his favorite cartoon videos in YouTube. Wow! What a good boy.

In his caption, Drew Arellano explained how he and his wife Iya Villania came up with such an idea. He wrote:

“Mama and Papa don’t normally let me indulge in my fave YouTube videos but sometimes they get desperate hihi… But hey! Who doesn’t like my new haircut?? Thank you Tito Fred! (at) hairshaftfred”

Indeed, Baby Primo Arellano is growing up fast and learning a lot of new things. This is why it’s not surprising that his doting parents are so proud of this adorable youngling. We’re also very impressed with the A+ parenting this young celebrity couple applies to their family.

With another incoming child on the way, the Arellano brood is definitely one to look up to when it comes to family relationships.

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Source: Tnpmedia.