In our society today, people are getting more focused on making money and focusing on career. Many of us neglect our body due to the poor time management because career already took over most of our time. After a a very tiring and streneous day, with our body aching, we tend to just lay down and let sleep do the relief for pain. Our feet usually get worn out during this kind of days. We sometimes wanted to have a simple foot massage but time seems to not allow it.

One of the most diligent and most used parts of our body is our feet which sometimes get the least love. Giving your feet a reward after a very strenuous day by having a foot massage for 10-15 minutes before sleeping will not only provde you relaxation but also a number of benefits that can help maintain our bodies healthy. Here are some of the benefits foot massage can give us.

Blood circulation can be enhanced

People with work that requires them to stand up or sit for a long time can experience heaviness and tiredness of the feet due to the blood that pool in the lower extremeties of the body. The bloated feeling of the feet can be experienced. A simple foot massage before sleeping can be a remedy for this, improving the blood circulation due to the massage.

Maintains a normal blood pressure

According to Healthybuilderz, after an exhausting and stressful day, your blood pressure may rise.By giving your feet a quick massage before sleeping can help maintain your blood pressure to normal range because of the stress relief that can be achieved through foot massage. During an anxiety, foot massage can also be used as remedy.

Sleep can be improved

People tend to be awake all night due to stress and anxiety. When a lot of things run inside our minds, we find it very difficult to have a good night sleep. Massaging your feet before going to sleep can help achieve a better sleep. Sleep deprivation can lead to more illness and other worse conditions. Fortunately, a simple foot massage can help you achieve a good night sleep.

Can soothe PMS symptoms

Experiencing PMS can really be irritating and uncomfortable. Giving your feet a 10-15 minute massage can help you get through your PMS days. Massaging your feet can provide relaxation which can alleviate your moodiness and irritability during PMS.

Source: Healthytips