They say that we are a generation who is used to having what we need and want instantly. The digital age apparently trained us not to wait for anything, thus losing our capability for patience and delayed gratification. This might be true or not, but what can not be denied is our love for anything instant.

Instant products have revolutionized the way we live our life. Now, we have the choice to purchase instant foods so we don’t have to get up early in the morning and cook, we don’t even have to wash the dishes! All we need is to open the pack, pour the contents, and there we have it, our foolproof meal to get us through the day.

The most popular instant product is definitely instant noodles. We just have to pour boiling water, wait for a few minutes, and enjoy a savory, filling noodles that can easily be something made to order from an expensive restaurant. It’s almost like magic!

But do we really know what we put in our bodies when we eat instant noodles? Is the convenience worth it?

Mga Arabo Sinubukang Palutangin Ang Kanilang Kaibigan Gamit Ang Mga Helium Na Lobo Ngunit Nanlumo Sila Sa Kinalabasan Nito Nang Pumutok Lahat Ang Lobo

It’s not a secret that instant noodles have bad effects to our bodies. To put it simply, it is unhealthy. What we don’t know is what actually happens inside our stomach once we eat it. We have no image of how our stomach reacts upon the arrival of this sinfully delicious instant noodles.

To bridge this knowledge gap, Dr. Braden Kuo of Massachusetts General Hospital conducted an experiment to see what happens inside the stomach once we eat instant noodles. The test subject of this experiment had to swallow a very small, pill-sized camera after eating instant noodles to achieve the goal.

Dr. Braden Kuo made another test subject eat freshly prepared noodles to see the difference between the two.

The surprising results proved just how unhealthy instant noodles are! While the freshly prepared noodles were almost fully-digested after 2 hours, the instant one still remained completely intact. But what’s more shocking is the fact that after 32 hours, most of the instant noodles still remain undigested! Yes, 32 hours, a day and half and your stomach is still full of noodles. No wonder, we feel bloated after eating them!

Thanks to this breakthrough experiment, a vast number of people were warned about the dangerous health risk of eating instant noodles and processed food everyday. Freshly prepared meals are still the way to go! The convenience instant food provides us is nothing compared to our health. We must choose carefully what we put in our bodies, because we only have one in this lifetime.

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Source : Pilipinonews