Catriona Gray, our bet for Miss Universe 2018, has truly made an impression on the prestigious pageant. From the pre-preliminary rounds to the preliminary rounds itself, Miss Philippines has consistently stood out among the rest.

During the evening gown competition, Catriona was “the girl on fire” while wearing her red-orange gown. In an article by, her designer, Mak Tumang, shared his inspiration when creating this stunning masterpiece. Apparently, the gown’s inspiration came from a Filipino mythical creature we all know, Ibong Adarna.

On Instagram, Mark wrote:

ADARNA: The Blazing Siren.

The ‘Ibong Adarna’ is a mythological pulchritudinous bird that could change in several fascinating guises. Its enchanting voice can enable complete healing to anyone who hears it.

You may already be familiar with Ibong Adarna because its story is part of the first year high school, or now grade 7, curriculum.

Furthermore, Mak continued to compare Catriona Gray to the Ibong Adarna. He said that like the beautiful bird, Catriona has a resilient, tenacious, and unwavering spirit. He called her the blazing Adarna.

One of the things the netizens talked about yesterday, as of writing, was Catriona’s unforgettable, Lava Walk. It was during the swimsuit competition when Catriona did her slow-mo turn that shocked plenty of people. Many Filipinos were left in awe after seeing her walk. It’s not so surprising to hear that she has been standing out in the competition.

Next Monday, December 17, we are about to find out who the next Miss Universe would be. As usual, every Filipino in all parts of the world would be cheering for Miss Philippines. After her impressive pre-preliminary and preliminary round, is she one step closer to the crown?

Regardless of the results, however, our bet for this year is truly one of the most memorable candidates we’ve ever had.

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Source: Tnpmedia