The Japanese make use of an alternative medicine method based on the belief that each finger of your hand is related to 2 organs in the body. This curing method provides results in only 5 minutes.

Jin shin Jitsu is an ancient form of a Japanese healing art, which restores the emotional balance with the help of the stimulation of certain points on the fingers.

Namely, this method actually influences certain body organ by tightly holding a finger on one hand for 3-5 minutes. While doing this, you should breathe deeply and afterwards, you should massage the fingers on both hands. This whole procedure lasts for around 3 minutes.

To target certain internal organ, you should just take the appropriate finger with the other hand and hold it tightly for 3-5 minutes. Breathe deeply and afterwards, massage all fingers on both hands for about three minutes.

Here is an explanation of the entire scheme that will show all the connection between the fingers and the body organs:

Here are the organs linked to the fingers:


  • Linked to: stomach and spleenwort
  • Emotions: depression and anxiety
  • Common symptoms: skin issues, nervousness, headaches, stomach pain

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Index finger:

  • Linked to: kidneys and urinary bladder
  • Emotions: fear, confusion, disappointment
  • Common symptoms: a toothache, muscle pain, back pain, digestion issues

Middle finger:

  • Linked to: liver and yolky bitter
  • Emotions: anger, indetermination, irritability
  • Common symptoms: a migraine, tiredness, circulation problems, menstrual pain, frontal
  • headaches

Ring finger:

  • Linked to: lungs and large intestine
  • Emotions: sadness, fear, negativity
  • Common symptoms: digestion issues, asthma, respiratory problems, skin disease


  • Linked to: heart and small intestine
  • Emotions: worry, nervousness, absence of self-confidence
  • Common symptoms: bone issues, heart disease, throat pain

Next time you experience any of these symptoms, try this 5-minute technique, and you will be surprised by its positive effects.

Source: Bright Side