The world has seen many situations that proves love can influence people to do the impossible. Rarely, ‘love’ can cross the borderline of obsession, prompting people to not just do the impossible, but also dangerous and morally wrong actions. People that possess this kind of love can really be ugly when they are jealous. But this time, we find a jealous boyfriend who resorted to a funny and unique solution to solve his insecurities.

You Pan from China is a jealous boyfriend and rightly so; her girlfriend, Tai, is a beautiful, 20-year-old girl. And she was only 45 kgs when they got together. And let’s just face it; any man would be concerned when they have such a beauty as their girlfriend. Isolation is not a humane solution, so Pan thinks of another way. It was a solution that proves Pan loves her no matter her appearance because he wants Tai to get fat!

Tai was 45 kgs when she started to date her now fiance. The lovey-dovey couple frequently take selfies and a lot of men would still eye his girlfriend despite that. Pan was jealous!

In order to keep her girlfriend safe from the hungry wolves around her, he decided to fatten up her girlfriend!

He began feeding her food and was super generous with snacks. He would find any way to increase her weight and don’t be surprised to know that his girlfriend agrees to the idea!

At the right time and quite a while after her special diet, Pan proposes to her!

Don’t judge a book by its cover. True love does not care what size you are.

And Yau Pan has proven it! Let’s congratulate and wish them a beautiful future with an everlasting love!

Source: Brighthumanity