– A guy stabbed his live-in partner after he got jealous of her

– After inflicting wounds and bruises on her partner, he then molested the duaghter of her partner

– The suspect immediately fled after molesting the girl

A heartbreaking story transpired in Naga City. A man killed his live-in partner because of a simple reason.

KAMI learned that the guy became jealous of the woman, which was why he was able to inflict wounds and bruises.

As per the report of Darlene Cay of GMA News TV, the 15-year-old daughter of the victim heard that her mom and her mom’s live-in partner, Froilan Arogante, were having an argument.

She was about to go up the stairs to check on them when she met the suspect and the latter forcibly brought her to her room.

There, according to the account of the girl, the suspect successfully molested her.

Afterwhich, he fled. While the girl was able to help, they were no longer able to save her mother.

There were a lot of bruises on her and the wounds on her neck were deep.

In a follow-up operation, they were able to arrest the suspect who admitted to both crimes. The only motive that made him do what he did was jealousy.

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Source: Kami