– Chokoleit was among the guests in It’s Showtime where he was one of the “candidates”

– As she was performing, Jhong Hilario noticed that he was panting, trying to catch his breath

– Despite the apparent breathing difficulty, Chokoleit repeatedly made the audience laugh

Chokoleit’s last performances in various ABS-CBN shows prior to his demise showed that he was already having breathing difficulties.

We learned from a video of the last performance of the comedian in It’s Showtime that he was catching his breath.

Jhong Hilario noticed this and even said “hinihingal” as Chokoleit was delivering his spiels.

Despite the apparent breathing difficulty, the comedian continued with his funny spiels, which made the audience roar in laughter.

Just like when the comedian died, he did not allow his personal difficulties hinder his calling to make people laugh.

He will always be remembered as the person who made people smile whenever they are around him.

Chokoleit died during his performance in Abra last March 9, 2019. He was diagnosed to have suffered from a heart attack onstage. He also had pulmonary edema.

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Source: Kami