Currently, celibacy is a popular trend. Many people want a single life. They think that life is very free and comfortable. They need not depend on anyone. However, in a different perspective, it is thought that celibacy is not good at all. It will be much better to have someone next to you. Being single will make many people think that you are not good and no one wants to love you.

1. Well done my friend

2. Imagine being this lost

3. Everyone else’s choice

4. You can’t be Sirius

5. She’s a goat

6. What a weird concept

7. That’s why she’s single

8. Perfect timing

9. An Alien trying to interact with human beings for the first time ever:

10. It’s still cute

11. He’s single because he’s unoriginal, this joke has been used more times than I can count

12. More like the reason why she will soon no longer be single

13. Meet the person of your dreams by actually dreaming

14. She’s possessed

15. Self love is important