Recently, had the opportunity to go inside the three-story mansion of the multi-millionaire entrepreneur, Joel Cruz. In their article, Joel didn’t only give them an exclusive tour but also shared what drove him to be successful. Apparently, his life today along with all his riches was once just a dream of a little boy.

According to the article, since Joel was six years old he began dreaming of having a mansion of his own. He wanted what other mansions he saw on TV had in their homes. He wanted a pool, a TV, and all the works. At such a young age, he already started forming a dream that would eventually lead to where he is now.

Joel Cruz grew up in Sampaloc, Manila. When he was a child he would often watch shows featuring luxurious houses. He also went with his father in his deliveries for caterers who cater to fancy parties in the most exclusive subdivisions. He recalled wanting the lifestyle of the rich.

It was his father who told him to study and work hard. He told him to push hard to be able to start a business that could make him successful. As we know now, that was probably the best advice Joel had ever received during those times.

Now, at 53, Joel lives in his three-story home he calls Chateau de Milagros. Besides this, he also owns other properties in Baguio and Tagaytay.

According to Joel:

This house was built in 1950. Dati isang lot pa lang ito, which was like 174 square meters, but now, this house is composed of four lots, kaya lumaki na. Nabili ko na yung mga adjacent lots, kaya hindi na ito yung original na bahay.

The article by stated that the mansion has 12 bedrooms, a winding staircase, an elevator, a swimming pool, a playground, a driveway, and parking lot across the street. Joel’s house is also filled with the most high-end furniture and artworks.

In his mansion, he lives with his mother and eight children. He said:

Now I really can say na I’m enjoying my home because I have my family. I have my children. THat’s very, very important sa bahay na ito, yung mga anak ko.

With a lot going on, you’d think how it’s possible to maintain a house this big. At the mansion, Joel has 30 trusted people who compromise his household staff. These include the security team, housekeepers, drivers, and 12 nannies and a head nurse for his children. Talk about a full house.

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