Every baby adores mom. But how well do they actually know them?

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We all know that makeup artists and hair stylists can make the amazing transformations. That is why the women love them. But, it seems that they don’t stop and think about how will that affect their little babies. Babies don’t quite understand the physical changes that their parents go through. We witnessed numerous videos online in which babies can’t recognize their father after shaving off their beards. Some are scared and some start crying.

In case you were wondering if something similar can happen in the baby-mother relationship, you were right. It can. Many women, who are either not as blessed with thick hair or simply want a different hairstyle, wear a wig. It’s cheap and easy. But, when the wig slips off the head, even the adults get surprised. Now imagine a baby’s reaction.

You don’t have to image it, you can see it in the video below.

Source : Urbanleak