The world is dark and full of terrors, especially now that trouble and wars have been happening all around the globe. Most of the times it is hard to find a glimpse of hope in this world where hatred and sorrow seems to be the superior force.

But amidst all of this, there are still beacons of hope that prove to us that love really moves in mysterious ways.

This list of unusual love stories will really capture your hearts and make you believe that true love exists despite imperfections.

There is an entry about a beautiful woman who fell in love with a guy who had physical deformities due to blasted capillaries in his lips. The girl said that love isn’t about finding the perfect one but rather learning to love perfectly despite her partner’s imperfections.

There is also an entry about an everlasting love of a couple who got married, despite the woman suffering from dwarfism.

There is also an entry about an unusual marriage tradition between broke people who promised to love each other eternally.

The fourth entry was about the conjoined twins who found love in a kind teacher whom they met.

The fifth entry was about a May-December love affair that proved loved knows no numbers or age.

The sixth entry proved that love waits because they decided to get married despite their old age.

The seventh was quite controversial because the girl is only 12 year old, who only wanted to make lives better for her poor family.

The eight entry was like a comedy, because it is a marriage by identical twins. The guests were confused but true love wins.

The ninth entry proves that love is not based on social position, because the woman married an alcoholic and homeless man. They are now living happily with two kids.

Lastly, the tenth entry is quite polygamous because of the intertwining relationships of love and marriages

See all these stories of love in all forms!

Source: Socialdaily