Netizens Call Out Fast Food Chain After Discovering Wriggling Maggots In Their Food

Many of us love to eat in fast food restaurants. The convenience that it gives us makes us feel more comfortable with their service. Fast food chains are all over the world because many of us needs to have prepared food for our consumption. Since we are busy people, there is no wonder why many of us prefer these restaurants.

Aside from the convenience, restaurants also give us assurance that we will be paying for good quality service and of course, food. We trust different fast food chains with their promise that they will fill out tummies with nothing but the best of their products. Others may promise us that their products are the best in the region.

But it seems not all restaurants can comply with these promises. Some of them do not know how to give their customers the service that they pay for. And for those who are eating in these kinds of fast food chains, be more aware the next time.

One netizen named Datta Salve called out a very famous restaurant for giving him a piece of chicken filled with horrible insects. The restaurant is located in India but it is very famous around the world. In fact, it has many different chains in many other countries.

The netizen was shocked to see numerous wriggling maggots in the chicken that he was eating. It was so horrible because the images showed that half of the chicken was already eaten before he noticed the insects. It was so disgusting because the maggots are really visible.

His post went viral across social media as many netizens shared their reactions regarding the post. Some of them said that the restaurant does not respect its customers. Others are demanding action from the questioned fast food chain because it is known around the world and its reputation will definitely get affected.

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Source : Showbizread