Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Buydens are still inseparable! The couple, who have a combined age of 200, were seen enjoying a sunny day out in Los Angeles.

101-year-old Douglas and his 99-year-old wife Anne were pushed along in wheelchairs by their caregivers.

It was in 1954 when Hollywood star Douglas tied the knot with the former actress and producer. That was the year before he starred in the movie Lust for Life as the artist Vincent van Gogh.

During their day out, Anne Buydens wore a green long-sleeved top with a grey blanket covering her legs.

Considered one of the last surviving stars of the movie industry’s Golden Age, Douglas sported a white shirt top, a pair of navy blue trousers paired with black leather loafers, and a pair of designer sunglasses.

The adorable couple were side-by-side while taken in matching wheelchairs on Friday afternoon. Clearly, Anne Buydens and Kirk Douglas were still in the honeymoon period as they enjoyed a day out.

The Spartacus star will turn 102 this year, and he still tries to stay active. His son, Michael Douglas, revealed that his dad still exercises with the help of a personal trainer.

In an interview with TV host Lorraine Kelly, the 73-year-old actor said: “He still has a trainer. He works out with a trainer at 101.

“I remember when Dad was 90 and he had a guy that he worked out with for more than 30 years, 40 years, Mike Abrams.

“I went to see Dad one day, he was 90 and wasn’t feeling so good. I said, ‘Dad, what’s wrong? You don’t look good.’ He said, ‘Ah, Mike died.’ I said, ‘Ah Dad I’m so sorry, Mike died? How old was Mike, Dad?’ ‘94.’”

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Heartbroken Elderly Man Brings His Wife’s Framed Photo To Beach Every Day Who He Lost Seven Years Ago

True love never dies and this 72-year-old heartbroken widower is here to prove it.

Giuseppe Giordano, 72, misses his wife very much every single day as she passed away seven years ago from cancer

Every morning for several years, Giordano would visit the same beach in Gaeta, Italy and would bring along a framed photo of Ida.

Giuseppe and his wife Ida, who was his first love, had spent good times on the beach.

As he sits on the brick wall with his wife’s picture, he silently would look out into the sea.

One day, Giorgio Moffa, who owns a restaurant nearby, decided to share this emotional scene on Facebook.

Giorgio posted a photo on Facebook, writing:

“A few days ago, I didn’t know this splendid person. I just know that his love was definitely a great love.”

“I saw him cry and I believe that men like this aren’t born anymore. Sending you a big hug, dear friend, you are a great man.”

The emotional post touched the hearts of thousands of Facebook users and got more than 7,300 reactions and 4,100 shares.

Moffa told Yahoo Lifestyle:

“When he goes to a place where he has been to with his wife, he always brings her picture with him,”

“It was truly a lifetime of love”

Source: Smalljoys.