Last October, the “Queen of All Media” Kris Aquino shocked the entire online community after revealing that she is suffering from an autoimmune illness called Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria (CSU). It’s “a serious, chronic and distressing skin condition that is difficult to diagnose and manage” according to Novartis UK.

Recently, the 47-year-old multimedia star revealed yet another health problem. In a lengthy Instagram post, Kris Aquino finally confirmed the speculation regarding the lump on her neck.

Although she didn’t totally disclose it, Kris admitted that there’s a growing lump in her neck that’s why her doctors are closely monitoring her thyroid function and thyroid antibodies.

“Since many have such sharp eyes, I prefer to address the issue with transparency- it may seem to you that there’s a lump or growth in my neck. My doctors are closely monitoring my thyroid antibodies and my thyroid function. We all continue praying for God’s merciful healing. GOOD NIGHT. WE LOVE YOU!”

Aside from giving a medical update, Kris also showed erstwhile friend Vice Ganda’s gift to her son, Bimby.

“Seeing Bimb so happy because his tito Vice sent him new sneakers reinforces my faith that this is still a kind & caring world. The gift didn’t have to be this expensive, because Bimb’s super grateful for XBox One games and fidget spinners BUT I think tito vice took my comment seriously, so super swerte ni bunso… Kuya Josh is into watches already, and he asked me to please get him a watch winder.”

Stay strong, Kris Aquino!

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Source: Philippine Star.