Kris Aquino is among of the Philippine’s most successful showbiz celebrities in financial terms. Unfortunately, she publicized her current monetary problem with some of her unnamed business partners last September 25. In her revelation, she experienced financial maltreatment and a total lack of respect in her business ventures. This trouble caused her health in a bad condition right now. The actress shared her body weight fell and lost 15 pounds in just a span of a month.

In addition, the “Queen of All Media” shared her drastic weight loss. As her body dropped terribly, Kris asked help for help from doctors abroad immediately. She had a series of blood tests and it initially resulted in an autoimmune illness.

Kris Aquino recently took the social media by storm after revealing his current health condition. She disclosed that she has been suffering from an autoimmune sickness called “Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria” on Instagram. Her diagnosis came after she sought medical help in Singapore.

Based on her post, the “Queen of All Media” showed the detrimental effects of her medical condition to her body. As seen in her uploaded short clip, she revealed all the rashes she acquired on her body.

Also, Kris narrated that her condition stared in 2013. According to her, she thought that her urticaria flares were just allergic reactions and called them hives. On top of that, they have worsened for about two bad episodes a month lasting at least four to seven days. Moreover, she said that she has no food allergies except crabs and lobster during that time.

Furthermore, Aquino added that that stress is a major contributing factor as to why people get this condition. She added that eating healthy would help alleviate the effects of the ailment.

Presently, she’s investing her healthier food plan which includes vegetables except for alfalfa sprouts, fruits, fiber-rich food, oatmeal, lean cuts of beef for iron and vitamin D, beans, and fatty fishes.

“My Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria afflicts less than 1% of the world’s population. Most suffer through it for 1-5 years. Some suffer through it for decades- I fall under that category.”

Source: Artistanow