Being a part of a family with parents that are alive and well is the reality of most people, yet it is also something that most people take for granted.

Not a lot of people are privileged enough to still be with their parents that obviously love and care for them; and although there are a lot of times when parents might be annoying or a pain for some children, they often only are as a result of misplaced love for them.

A netizen was peacefully riding a jeepney when two young girls rode the jeepney as well along with their blind mother.

The netizen claimed that the eldest daughter looked visibly annoyed as she sat with her back to her mother right after paying.

The jeepney is a pretty confined space and so the passenger was able to hear snippets of the family’s conversation.

“Anak, pasensya ka na. Naabala ko pa kayo. Pero pagkahatid niyo sakin, uwi na kayo para makapagpahinga na din kayo,” the passenger heard the mother say.

The daughter became more visibly annoyed and then said “lagi ka naming nagpapahatid samin! Ang aga aga pa, ginising mon a kami. Dapat kase ikaw nalang nagbyahe. Kaya mo naman.”

“Kung kaya ko nga lang at nakakakita ako, ako nalang sana para di ko na kayo naiistorbo,” replied the mother.

“Bakit ba kase nabulag ka pa! Pati tuloy kame naiistorbo!” said the other daughter.

The passenger became distraught over the conversation and saw how the mother was visibly close to tears after her daughters expressed their anger. The passenger got so mad that she claims she was tempted to push the girls out of the running jeepney out of spite.

The events that transpired miffed the passenger so much that she brought her sentiments to Facebook and posted what happened along with a photo of the family. She could not comprehend how some daughters can be so mean and rude to their parents, especially their mothers.

“Naiiyak ako pero pinipigilan ko. Nasa isip ko na kahit papano, napakaswerte nila kase may Nanay parin sila na kahit ganun ang kalagayan, mahal na mahal parin sila at di pinapabayaan. Yung iba nga, hinihiling na magkaroon ng Nanay kase never nilang naranasan na magkaroon ng Nanay tapos sila na may Nanay, kung itrato nila parang wala lang,” said the netizen.

“Naiinggit ako sa iba. Sana maranasan ko rin magkaroon ng Nanay. Gusto kong maramdaman kung pano magmahal, mag-alaga at magkaroon ng Nanay na kahit kelan hindi ko naranasan,” said the netizen.

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