A woman named Dania approached the radio program of Raffy Tulfo to complain about former partner.

Dania was only 16 years old when she got pregnant by Noel who was already 40 years old that time.

With this age, Dania thought that Noel would be a responsible father to their child. But it turned out the opposite.

According to Dania, every time Noel gives financial support to their child, Dania was forced to return it with a favor. She said that Noel often forced her to copulate with him in exchange of money.

She said that their relationship were long gone.

Dania also said that whenever she asks for money for their child, Noel would often say that he does not have any amount to give. But if Dania said that she was the one who’s in need of money, Noel would say yes and would immediately invite her to his house, saying not to bring the child with her.

Tulfo called Noel about the said issue. He let the former couple to talk about their problem.

Dania became emotional while blurting out the mistreatment she got from her former partner. She even said that sometimes, when she’s bringing their child with her, Noel still insists on them doing the deed.

He would tell his son to distract himself by watching videos online while Noel busies himself touching Dania.

Dania said that sometimes, their child sees what his father was doing to his mother.

Noel on the other line repeatedly denied the accusation.

Dania broke down while saying that all she wanted was to be respected yet Noel treats her as if she was some toy. She said that she really loved Noel before but she had enough. All she wanted from him is financial support for their child without any favors.

Noel responded that she was not saying no to the deed in the first place.

Tulfo reprimanded him about his acts. He threatened him that they could inform the company he was working at about what he was doing so he could be fired from his job.

Surprisingly, Dania said that Noel often did her on the workplace itself.

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