There are probably endless options on what you can do with your hair if you feel like you want a change. You can go the sensible route with a haircut and subtle highlights, or you can completely chop-off them off or color them an unusual color. There have also been some pretty insane hair trends lately with people putting glitter in their roots, or that geode hairstyle that popped all over Instagram a while back.

You can also accessorize any way you want, and I’m not talking about your usual hair clips or hair bands. If you have an event and want to spice up your hairstyle a bit, or your Halloween costume requires a prop or two you don’t have to go spending your money on expensive hair accessories. Using just everyday items, and perhaps a few supplies from the craft store, you can have your hair looking red-carpet ready.

Sherry Maldonado is an Instagrammer, with over 1.2 million followers. She posts the occasional beauty or skin-care related video, but most of her posts are about hair. Hair-care, hairstyle tutorials, hair advice, you name it. In the following few posts, we have gathered some of her more unusual hairstyles that show you how easy it is to make your look eye-catching.

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Blake Lively inspired Angelic Halo

This look was inspired by Blake Lively’s 2018 Met Gala look but Maldonado shows us that you don’t have to be a celebrity to look like one.

Using just a bracelet and wooden skewers, she makes the base for the head-piece.

She glues them all together with a hot glue gun. Then she adds rhinestones and crystals and finally sprays it all with a Golden Metallic Spray.

And voila.

Cleopatra/Katy Perry inspired Halloween look

This one is quick, easy and most importantly, gorgeous. Inspired by Katy Perry in her ‘Dark Horse’ music video, Maldonado shows us how we can make our hair look pharaoh-worthy.

First off, add a few simple, three-strand braids.

Tie the braids off with gold elastic.

Finally, taking a piece of wire, twist it into a snake-like shape and bobby-pin that to the center of your hair.

If you want to see exactly how she did it, watch her video below.

See it broken down step-by-step here:

Source : Metdann