Our hard-earned money is providing a path to a more comfortable life. When our money grows, the wisest decision we can made is to invest in a real estate rather than storing it in a bank. After all, we are looking forward to live in a place reflecting our hardships.

Aside from Katrina Halili’s dream success, her three-bedroom house, she took it as an opportunity to incorporate it with barnyard friends. These are some few animals, small rice field and piggery for rent. All of this kind be found on a 13-hectare land at El Nido, Palawan – one of the beautiful places to live in.

A ranch-like house is a getaway we are looking for. Often nicknamed as “Katrina’s Farm”, it is featured with creeks, luscious forest and endless view of nature. It’s truly a paradise we longed for.

Palawan is a place full of secret destinations we ought to explore. The house located in here can be considered as a lucky resting place as they can enjoy secretly with serenity. Katrina could spend time on this isolation while making memories with her daughters and loved ones.

Katrina entrusted the development of her property to her mother, Malou. After the construction, it resulted in an amazing output. It features open spaces for visitors and guests, bedroom with minimalist designs, and attractive feel to render cozy homes.


We always feel relaxed whenever a landscape of greenery is displayed within the front view. The side hill provided a space for this mansion that’ll remind everyone of country-inspired homes.

Living naturally, means opening for nature. Huge windows are put beside the house in order for the rays of the sun to bounce and winds to blow inside the house. Woods are one of the main raw materials of the house as her mom suggested.


A forest-like entrance is constructed with charming tiles and intertwining vines. The porch is not completed without two woody rails facing each other.


Varnished Narra floors make a wide area and robust bottom. This is fully highlighted because the whole room is minimally designed. The bench near the window serves as the only furniture to seat on.

Artificial plants have a place in Katrina’s living room as it hung by Malou. It serves as a floating design to capture the wandering eyes as well as the natural lightings that shine.


The kitchen features all-out wood furniture from counters to tabletops and cabinets to drawers. As a natural-looking replacement (though artificially made) to curtains, Malou carefully arranged the artificial vines on the windows.


There are two guest rooms to accommodate visitors. One has a relaxing teal-toned wall with a single bed and the other one has two single beds that are covered with neat sheets.

As an alternative to curtains, Malou placed katsa to further function as kulambo keeping the insects from entering the room.


The guest bathroom isn’t so special as other normal bathrooms except that is outlined with woody color.


A single helix stair looks old-fashioned but as you step on this creaking wood, you will be amazed by Katrina’s photoshoot gifted by FHM Magazine.


Katrina’s master bedroom will make you feel the best of provincial life. On its side is the veranda that provides the whole view of the farm.


To complete the Filipino spirit, Katrina has its tambayan of friends in the bahay-kubo nearby.

Overall, living on this secret paradise is a type of getaway you are looking for. It is not just a house but also a farm and an old-fashioned oasis.

Source: Therecoverycrate.