We know Prince Harry with a dream marriage that every girl wants to be the prince’s wife. There are many other handsome prince in the world. They both look handsome, they have money. In fact, they are ideal models for girls to choose as husbands. If you have no chance with Prince Harry, don’t worry, you can still pay attention to other handsome people. We collected the precious list of the 10 most handsome princes. Choose the person you like best.

Prince Mateen Of Brunei

He is the fourth son of Sultan and at the age of 26, he is still single. Well besides his life story he is an athlete who loves to play polo and he learned to fight boxing.

Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah Of Jordan

He is the son of King Jordan and Queen Rania and at the age of 23 he is very much passionate about Football plus he is quite a man that can easily melt a girl’s heart as this prince is a heart stealer.

Sheikh Hamdan Of Dubai

This Prince Charming is no less than royalty as his every Instagram post will say how kind and generous he is. He loves animals and mostly his favorite is a horse and besides that, he loves traveling through various adventurous places.

Prince Sebastien Of Luxembourg

This stunner leads an adventurous life that includes all outdoor things like cycling, skiing, tracking, swimming, and rugby. Well, you won’t be surprised that he is the officer in the Luxembourg army.

Prince Joachim oF Belgium

Prince Joachim oF Belgium Well, this young prince loves adventuring like all the other prince and he is still single. And being the youngest in the family throne he is not next in the line as the throne will be taken by his elder sister after his father.

Prince Konstantinos Alexios Of Greece and Denmark

19-year-old prince from Greece looks quite a young man who is also the grandson of Queen Anne Marie. His high profile life will make you think that he is a model but this godson of Prince William is a great charmer and a traveler.

Prince Haji Abdul Azim Of Brunei

Another prince from Brunei and that to the brother of Prince Mateen. Well if looks could say he looks pretty young but he is 35 years old and always seen partying with his friends.

Prince Albert Of Thurn And Texas

The world’s youngest billionaire is also a prince from Thurn and Texas. This smiling prince is a car racer needless to say he is 34 years old and still gorgeous.

Prince Wenzeslaus oF Liechtenstein

He goes by the name Vince yet he is being referred as Prince Wenzeslaus of Liechtenstein. Well, don’t judge his gorgeous face as he may look young but he is still single at the age of 44.

Prince Jean Christophe Napoléon Bonaparte

He is the great great great son of Napoleon whose smiling face is already making us admire him more. This 31-year-old reputed royal already has a Facebook account but has refrained himself from other social accounts. So girls send him a request if you think you have a chance with him.

Those are the most ideal men for girls. Everyone dreamed of marrying the prince and reading fairy tales. So real-life princes also receive a lot of love from girls. Who is your most beloved person? Please comment below.