Sharlyn Lidron previously went to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to seek help about her husband Lambert Lindro Jr. who left their family and physically abuse their children. She previously told him that Lambert just left their home without notifying them. Moreover, she found out about Lambert’s treatment to their children after seeing their handwritten letters pouring their hearts out about their father’s cruelty. Their children kept their mouth shut because they were threatened that they will be knocked down if they tell this to their mother.

The two then faced each other in Raffy’s studio to confront and interrogate with each other since Sharlyn has plans to file charges against Lambert.

He burst into tears upon seeing Sharlyn for the first time again. He said that he was surprised to see Sharlyn lost weight and looks more stressed than ever. Sharlyn blamed her weight loss to the anxiety caused by Lambert.

Lambert did not deny the accusations about their children and blamed it to the stress caused by Sharlyn. He also said that it was just a mild type of violence to discipline their children. About the handwritten letters, he denied that those were written by their children.

There are a lot of issues raised during their confrontation including Lambert’s failure in giving priority to his family. Sharlyn also said her frustration on Lambert giving more importance to what his family’s negative opinions about her. She said that it saddens her that Lambert’s family, especially hiss mother, doesn’t accept her but her husband should always be on her side.

But it was not just Sharlyn who has a problem. Lambert also brought up Sharlyn’s past of being allegedly involved with another man.

Despite the fiery confrontation, Lambert went down on his knees to ask forgiveness. He also pleaded to Sharlyn to not push the case and urge her to fix their problem instead.

He urged Sharlyn to start their relationship again and have a fresh start.

It looks like there is still love left in Sharlyn’s heart because even Lambert pleaded a lot of times before, she still granted him another chance of changing again for the better. She gave Lambert a month to show that he is really changing for her and for their children.

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