Some people are enchanted by the the big blue sea, and its unknown depths.

Others are absolutely terrified by what lurks beneath the surface of the water.

After you see the following pictures, you too might think twice before grabbing the surfboard.

1. It looks like a waterproof mega-millipede. Whatever it is, it definitely ruined fishing for me.

2. If that’s swimming around with me I think I’d rather stick to the bathtub.

3. That is a big tree trunk. Oh, it has eyes. An ANACONDA under the water? Aaand I’m gone.

4. This six-meter specimen of a basking shark has been spotted for the first time in 70 years. If it was up to me, I would rather have not seen it.

5. I really don’t want to know what is down there.

6. Every wave here is going to give you a slippery cold seagrass hug. Honey, can’t we just stay on the beach and build some sandcastles?

7. Think of all you can meet while surfing! But I’d rather just stick to my beach towel.

8. Is that a huge sea monster? I wouldn’t even DIP my toes into the water here!

9. This is the biggest jellyfish in the world. This diver deserves a medal for bravery.

10. Looks like this shark is stalking his lunch.

11. How can you do underwater yoga while this giant stingray swims right by you?

12. This octopus doesn’t look like he just wants to cuddle. I’m outta here!

13. Next to a 200-ton blue whale, humans look miniscule. He’s lost for sure!

14. This shark just wants to say hi — another reason to keep dry.

15. Humans only know a fraction of what is hidden in the depths of the oceans. But maybe it’s better that way…

Beach vacation, anyone?

Source : Crazyvitamins