A social experiment, according to encyclopedia.com, is a random assignment of human subjects. It examines the effects of social policies and behaviors. On YouTube, a YouTuber named Jose Hallorina is popular for his Pinoy Social Experiments wherein he tests how ordinary Filipinos react or behave in a certain situation.

One of his recent experiments was of him approaching a homeless family. He asked the parents of a 2-year-old girl if they’re willing to give up the child for adoption. According to Jose, the idea for the experiment came after he visited a bahay-ampunan or orphanage.

Jose found a family on the street with a wagon. As soon as he approached them, he started asking them basic questions like what they do for a living and how much they earn in a day. The man, with his wife and young daughter, were willing enough to accommodate him and answer his questions.

The father told him that their way of earning money is through picking up trash and exchanging them on junk shops. In our mother tongue, it’s called pangangalakal. Jose found out that the couple earns PHP 200-300 a day.

Furthermore, he asked if the little girl had other siblings. This is when the couple revealed that she has bigger siblings living in Samar, and 11 and 5-year-old. The father of the family told Jose that all they want is to go back to Samar. This is when Jose asked him if he is willing to adopt his child assuring that she will have a better future.

Without a second thought, both the father and the mother told him no. The father insisted that he is capable of giving his daughter a bright future and that all they need is to go home to their family in Samar. Jose was impressed and did not force the idea to them. Instead, he told them that it was only a social experiment and that he was happy with the father’s response.

Jose started telling them about his visit to an orphanage how parents leave their child in random places. He told them how great they were as parents for continuously raising their child despite the hardships of life. At the end of it all, Jose took the mother’s number and offered to help them go back home to Samar in time for Christmas.

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