John Lloyd and Ellen’s baby name finally revealed!

The name of John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna’s baby boy was finally revealed by numerous showbiz insider.

The couple, who went away from the spotlight of Philippine showbiz last year, kept the secrecy on the real score of their relationship and Ellen’s pregnancy at their best.

But not all secrets are going to be kept forever as numerous insiders confirmed it to multiple news outlets, therefore publicizing what’s happening about them.

According to multiple showbiz insiders, John Lloyd and Ellen’s baby boy is named Elias Modesto. His name was after Ellen’s late father.

John Lloyd and Ellen are still mum on numerous news about them for months except for that one time when John Lloyd disputed rumors that their baby will be baptized soon after birth.

Ellen gave birth to Elias Modesto on June 27 but it was only publicized by her lawyer Rebo Saguisag on July 9.

Some insiders are saying that Ellen delivered Elias Modesto in a hospital in Cebu.

John Lloyd was recently spotted by the public buying baby items that look like for a baby boy

For months, the public assumed that they lived a simple life away from the glitz and glamour of showbiz. However, they were not left with controversies.

John Lloyd filed an indefinite leave on ABS-CBN, resulting in his disappearance in sitcom Home Sweetie Home, where he and Ellen were co-cast members.

The writers of the show eventually wrote John Lloyd’s character off the show.

Ellen, on the other hand, is currently facing cyberbullying charges for calling out a minor on her Instagram Stories who allegedly took stolen shots of her in a ramen restaurant.

Here are the comments from the netizens:

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