The female love-dolls are trendy these days. So much so, we have also heard about female love robots that satisfy the intimate fantasies of people. But here, we have something new and trendy- brought up by the company named Synthetic in the USA. The company calls itself as the combination of the “love laboratory” and“factory of fantasy”. What’s new about Synthetic is that it creates male love robots. Yes, you heard it right!

Male love robots it’s a new thing

The co-owners of Synthetic – Matt Krivicke and Bronwen Keller have taken inspiration from mythology where the intimate fantasies of people have been satisfied by statues, dolls, or other artificial caricatures. Keller talks about the image of Claudia, made of ivory, that was a fetish for its owner who fed her, dressed her, and loved her. All of us must know about the sensation that was created all around the world when for the first time, love dolls were introduced into the world of pornography in 1968.

Taking cues from all these historical inventions, Keller and Krivicke set up Synthetic to officially produce male love-dolls. They are as real as you can imagine them to be. You do not even need to worry whether their battery is charged. You can just use them for as long as you want. The reason behind their efficiency is the method of their production.

How the company works

The company has love doll technicians to take care of the production of the dolls. First, they receive orders via e-mail or call. In the message, the client gives details about her fantasies, likes, dislikes, etc. And after ensuring the needs of the clients, moulds are formed for the dolls, which are filled with silicon and left to sit over for the whole night. Next day the body is ready. The doll can be customised in whatsoever manner the client wants. There are options for different skin tones according to the different nationalities. Also, the amount of hair on the body parts as in the chest hair or the pubic hair to give the doll a rugged look can also be controlled. This provides more realism than the female love-dolls.

The overall cost of one doll is about $13000. Despite the high price, they are trendy in the country, especially in Minnesota and Texas.

The use of male love robots breaks the stereotype that females don’t have desires to satisfy. It can be an epitome of gender equality as both males and females can now possess love-dolls. It is a quirky invention but is necessary for women who recognise their needs and want to fulfil them.

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Source: Truthinsideofyou