Everyone has probably heard of the story of “The Ugly Duckling” which tells about a homeless little duckling who was dreaded by other ducks because of its peculiar appearance. Later on, it turned out that the ugly duckling grew up to be a beautiful swan.

This story has become some sort of an inspiration to everyone that there is no such trait as being ugly because everyone has their own beauty just waiting to be revealed.

Recently, another story which features real ducks has spread online and has since touched many hearts. What we are talking about is this video which shows a mother duck instantly adapting a group of abandoned ducks as if they are her true family.

The said video started off with a woman standing on the edge of a pond. The woman was carrying a box which contains ducklings. After a few moments, she pours the contents of the box and a total of 10 ducklings swan freely into the water.

Just a few feet away from them, a mother duck immediately approached as if to direct the ducklings somewhere. Seeing the mother figure in front of them, the 10 ducklings just suddenly followed the mother duck. Its as if an unseen connection was between them and they even seem like a complete family.

The ducklings together with their mother is indeed a touching sight and should serve as a reminder to everyone that the love between family members is still the best and incomparable kind of love.

See the full video here:

Source: Trendszilla.net