Another wedding proposal is going rounds on the internet. Yesterday, a netizen named Jen Calimon posted a video of a creative wedding proposal by a police officer. PO1 Mark John Paul Rugnao patterned his proposal to how he met his girlfriend, Anjunette Carillo. The proposal happened at a footbridge, similar to where they first met.

As many already know, the responsibilities of a police officer require risking their lives on the job. So Mark decided to give his girlfriend a little scare. He started off his proposal by lying down in the middle of the footbridge.

His fellow officers helped out by putting caution tapes around the bridge making it look like a violent encounter. He also had red thick liquid placed on the floor and on his head.

One of his fellow officers accompanied Anjunette to where the “crime scene” was. Although it was supposedly a frightening prank, it seemed as if Anjunette didn’t buy it. Her expressions showed that she already felt “something fishy” about the entire situation. They made Anjunette believe that Mark was shot by a thief during a police operation.

When she got to where Mark was lying, she said:

Bakit ketchup?

Referring to the “blood” that splattered the area. The prank didn’t take long. The other officers present held a banner that wrote:

Anju, will you marry me?

This was when Mark stood up walked closer to her and knelt with a red box in his hands. Without hesitation, Anjunette said yes to marrying him.

Based on the caption found on the Facebook post, the two met on a footbridge in España Boulevard, Sampaloc Manila. The day they met, Mark caught a snatcher who had stolen from Anjunette.

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Source: Tnpmedia