It is a given that their ought to be quite a lot of differences when one gets married. The whole messed up idea of freedom being thrown out of the window always takes precedence. One keeps thinking how it was all good back then when they were since devoid of any relationship issues, commitments and the whole part of being answerable to someone. We have tried our best to sum up the best of both worlds I.e. married life vs bachelor’s life.

Watching Movies

Pre Marriage during the dating days, Men used to intentionally take their girlfriends out for watching horror movies as their partner’s sudden outbursts was their surprise. Now, post marriage, horror movies have turned pretty bland and there is nothing shocking about them anymore.

I will do anything for you

When you are dating you have so much energy and excitement and all that just to see your partner smile. But the same thing post marriage takes out all the spunk from you and we keep wondering why.

When your bathroom isn’t only yours

Your whole life you have made a habit of keeping your bathroom the way you wanted to but once you get married things are ought to change.

Responsibilities differ

While you are having a ball of a time before marriage when nothing apart from being charming is your responsibility and then all of a sudden you are burdened by the joy of marriage, sarcastically saying you see.

Earlier things were easy

This picture playfully describes how marriage adds the extra burden of weight on one’s shoulders, all in good jest you see.

Everything matters so does size

This is the mother of all cliches where one expects a female to be overweight as the glow post marriage translates into a lot of fat right, while men become even more slimmer than they already are.

Everything changes

Pre-marriage when the guy starts to date he comes up ready with a bucket full of roses but the same thing post marriage changes into a shopping spree full of vegetables and groceries.

Is she this now

You used to date a wiry frame of her with so much aplomb in those pre-wedding days so what is stopping you now to date that rounded lady by your side

When you are your own company

Our world was simple before marriage, no rules no timings do as what your heart feels but time flies and then you are left ruing the company you have with you now.

Can it get anymore ugly

When you are taking the vows you swear to the lord that she is the one for you but cut ahead to a few years in the future what you are just doing is swearing at each other.

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