– A McDonald’s security guard has earned the praise of many netizens

– He confronted and came in between two huge foreigners who were beating a Pinoy inside the fastfood chain

– The two foreigners were notorious for being disrespectful towards Filpiinos

A security guard of a branch of McDonald’s has earned the praise and respect of many netizens.

He confronted two huge foreigners inside the fast food chain who were beating a smaller Pinoy.

KAMI learned that the whole confrontation was captured in video and it was uploaded on Facebook by Christjohn Villaluz.

The huge foreigners were allegedly rude and disrespectful while they were inside the fast food chain.

They were beating a Filipino citizen, who, according to Philnews, defended a Pinay nurse from the disrespectful act of the two foreign nationals.

According to the one who posted the video, the guard on duty said the it was not an isolated case because every time the two foreigners visit McDo, they always become rude towards a Filipino.

It was also reported that the same foreigner was the one allegedly responsible for strangling a Pinoy taxi driver in Cebu.

The incident happened in a McDonald’s Branch, Lacson St., Bacolod City.

Netizens reacted by saying that they should have called the police. They also expressed their indignation at what the foreigners did towards the Pinoy who simply defended a Pinay whom the foreigners allegedly disrespected.

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Source: Kami