Meaty used to be just another sad statistic at the shelter. All he could do was sit and await the day he’d eventually be put down. But one day, things started to come together and he was able to be adopted! And he’s been so appreciative of it that he hasn’t quit smiling ever since!

Since the day he was rescued from the shelter in Central Valley, California, Meaty has been smiling.

Now named Meatball, or “Meaty” for short, the dog was once facing the end at the shelter when Fresno Bully Rescue stepped in and took him. He reminded Lisa Reilly of her own dog she’d just lost only three months earlier.

Meaty had a lot of needs just like any other shelter dog, but Fresno Bully Rescue took care of him until Lisa could take him home.

Meaty would join four other rescues named Punky, Ricardo Tubbs, Bitty, and Dappe at his forever home. And that’s what really helped him to come out of his shell.

Meaty started smiling, and he hasn’t stopped ever since!

The portly dog knows how to work a camera and will pose for treats while wearing his pajamas…

A suit…

Or even while playing Santa!

Meaty’s Instagram page has over 143,000 followers, and he’s felt so much love since his days at the shelter.

Life’s very different for Meaty now, and it’s just beautiful.

You could argue Meaty rescued his parents the way he always lights up their lives and makes them smile!