When you speak about changing the way you look, you probably think of a hairstyle change, losing a few pounds, or maybe even dabbling a bit with lip fillers. But there are people who take ‘changing your looks’ to a whole new level.

Case in point, Amanda Ahola, 22, from Finland, whose goal is to look like Barbie – yes, the doll. She has spent nearly £40,000 on plastic surgery trying to achieve her dream look, the first of which she underwent in 2014 when she was 18 years old.

This is her before she underwent her transformation journey. She says that she always knew she was going to have plastic surgery “since [she] was a child.”

Now, after thirty lip filler procedures, Botox, a series of face fillers, and three breast augmentation surgeries (aka boob jobs) later, this is how she looks:

Other than a small fortune, her surgeries have also nearly cost her her life. During her third breast augmentation surgery, she had a seizure and brain swelling, which led to temporary memory loss as well as severe pain that lasted for months.

“My last boob job was very difficult,” Amanda said. “I had horrible back pain that made even lying down, walking or sitting nearly impossible. It was hard to do simple things like make-up for weeks.”

You may think this has scared away from surgery, but that’s far from the case. Several doctors have turned her away, but she is now looking for one who will agree to work on giving her the body she dreams of.

“I have asked three doctors for more surgery but they have all denied me,” she said. “I do less invasive procedures all the time now.

Credit: Media Drum